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Kitchen tap with spray

Manufacturer Dornbracht

Water Sets Collection
With specially configured WATER SETS (fittings), the WATER ZONES concept enables various water-related tasks to be separated in the domestic kitchen, as they are in commercial kitchens. Specialised fittings and accessories in kitchens mean smoother processes and fewer compromises. Gentle rinsing or powerful spraying. Operating in a wide radius, or selectively filling containers. Spray and fitting together, or keeping them separate, on two sinks. The perfect fitting configu ration looks quite different for each work area in the kitchen. So different fittings – so-called WATER SETS – are recommended for each of the WATER ZONES, which combine individuality with functionality, as required.

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Kitchen tap with spray UNI SET 5 - Dornbracht

Kitchen tap with spray UNI SET 5 - Dornbracht
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