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Single Silexpol® washbasin

Manufacturer Fiora

Fontana Collection
The Fontana collection is characterised not only by the shapes they acquire, designed to stand out on their own, as well as offering the highest level of functionality, but also because they allow multiple coating options.
Materials: materials based on two variants silexpol finishes: slate&smooth slate. Measures: from 700 to 2010 mm. Possibility of personalised measurements. Finishes & colours: 2 slates & 10 colors. Conservation & cleaning: we recommend using damp cloths and soap. Do not use solvents or abrasives.


90 x 52 cm

Fiora Catalogues

Single Silexpol® washbasin FONTANA ILCIC03 - Fiora

Single Silexpol® washbasin FONTANA ILCIC03 - Fiora
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