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SPINchiller³ Superior

Water refrigeration unit

Manufacturer Clivet

Water chiller
Air cooled
Outdoor installation
Capacity from 275 to 1056 kW

The SPINchiller³ SUP (SUPERIOR) liquid chillers are the most efficient Clivet multi-scroll units ever.
THE HIGHEST SEASONAL EFFICIENCY - Developed by the pioneer of multi-scroll technology, SPINchiller³ SUP chillers are distinguished by their excellent ESEER seasonal efficiency up to a value of 5 and beyond. Meanwhile, their full-load efficiency exceeds the Eurovent Class A threshold. 
These units enhance the use of all technological solutions developed by Clivet over the years: multi-scroll technology with multiple compressors for the refrigeration circuit, electronic expansion valves, plate evaporators with high-efficiency heat exchange, and advanced auto-adaptive integrated automatic regulation.
PLANT INDUSTRIALISATION - The units are quick and easy to install thanks to quick connections to the usage circuit, their configuration for electrical connections and full functional testing prior to their shipment. 
They can be supplied with pumping units already installed, even inverter driven, thus all the plant’s main components can be integrated into a single solution.
THE MOST EXTENSIVE SPINCHILLER SERIES EVER - Thanks to its efficiency, the SUPERIOR version is the ultimate product of the broad SPINchiller3 family, which also includes two other energy-saving chiller versions, reversible heat pump models and multifunctional units for the simultaneous production of chilled and hot water.

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Water refrigeration unit SPINchiller³ Superior - Clivet

Water refrigeration unit SPINchiller³ Superior - Clivet
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