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Water cooler

Manufacturer Clivet

Water cooler in two sections
Air-cooled condenser
Internal installation
Capacity from 246 to 673 kW

Remotex is the new-concept liquid cooler in two sections, which expands the possibilities for application of traditional monobloc products 
MORE PROTECTED AND RELIABLE - Double refrigeration circuit on all models. All major system components are inside the unit, fully protected from external agents: extended lifespan of the system, high reliability and operation, simplified maintenance. No external water pipes: in cold climates winter draining of the system is no longer necessary to protect it from frost.
MORE FLEXIBLE, SPACE SAVING Each internal section has more combinations with the external section, all standardised and specifically optimised: it consistently offers the best choice for the specific constraints of each project. Any waste: configuring multiple sections, you have only the functionality you need, in the desired quantity. For example, when the hot water requirement is low, only one of the sections can be equipped with heat recovery. Remotex is scalable: further simplification in design and implementation of technical rooms, or in change of use destination.
MORE EFFICIENT - Multiscroll Technology by Clivet: seasonal efficiency for a 30% saving over traditional solutions .

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Water cooler Remotex - Clivet

Water cooler Remotex - Clivet
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