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Lamella flap disc zirconium

Sanding Disc

Manufacturer Würth

Flap discs Collection
Nylon backing plate with depressed centre so that the clamping nut is flush.
Particularly suitable for sanding and deburring, chamfering, removing rust and slag, etc.
For sanding welding spots and seams.

Zirconium disc: stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, steel, etc.

Drill hole 22 mm.
Grid size 40.
Material of the carrier disc Nylon.
Max. rotation speed 13200 U/min(rpm).
Material of abrasive medium Zirconium conrundum.


Ø 115 mm
Sanding Disc Lamella flap disc zirconium - Würth

Sanding Disc Lamella flap disc zirconium - Würth
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