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Diamond-coated Cutting Disc

Manufacturer Würth

The diamond cutting disc for tiles and comparable materials up to 20 mm thick, with closed edge for a quick and clean cut. The disc is generally suitable for tile layers, plumbing companies and stone cutters.
Optimal cut
The cooling function of the structured segment sides allows for closure of the compensation slots as a result of heat-induced expansion. This enables an edge with a closed cutting surface.
Reduced steering forces
The disc is also stabilised with systematic reinforcement around the flange.
Extended service life
In comparison to conventional tile-cutting discs, the 10 mm-high segment guarantees a considerably longer service life.

For angle grinders.
For dry and wet cutting.
Tiles, stoneware, glazed tiles, earthenware (gres), soft/hard granite, other natural stone, glazed pantiles, soft clinker brick, marble.

Versatility (points system) 3 of 4 points.
Service life (points system) 3 of 4 points.
Cutting speed (point system) 4 of 4 points.
Cut quality (point system) 3 of 4 points.
Drill hole 22.23 mm.
Segment height 10 mm.
Segment thickness 1.4 mm.
Segment connection Sintered.
Max. rotation speed 13300 U/min(rpm).
Max. circumferential speed 80 m/s.


Ø 115 mm
Diamond-coated Cutting Disc SPEED GRES - Würth

Diamond-coated Cutting Disc SPEED GRES - Würth
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