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Patterned handmade silk rug

Manufacturer EBRU

design by
Sambhav Collection
The magnetism of the weaver’s world played its spell and in 2005 Sambhav started his own atelier production. Being an outsider, experimenting with contemporary color schemes and innovative design came easy to him as he had a fresh approach to the trade. That was the time when the carpet industry marked a shift from classic to voguish arena and came as blessing in disguise for Sambhav.
The precision of the weavers, painstaking workmanship of hand carving and the magical charm of the dyers are illustrated in Sambhav’s work. An endeavour to replay the forgotten song of these exemplary artists, he is launching his brand SAMBHAV,  his tribute to the INDIAN CRAFTSMEN at the global level.

The Illusion carpets have a high knot count and the finish is Hi/Lo. The heirloom value of these carpets is defined by its fine weave and high time involvement in finishing of each carpet.
The colour palette is utmost soft and neutral with some hints of the accent shades.
The rugs are given a special wash to retain their whiteness. Their uniqueness is in a scrupulous hand-carving of the silk which gives them a 3 dimensional feel.

Patterned handmade silk rug ILLUSION MAGIC IVORY BLUE - EBRU

Patterned handmade silk rug ILLUSION MAGIC IVORY BLUE - EBRU
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