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Manufacturer Ekinex® by SBS

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The ekinex® EK-Dx2-TP presence sensor detects movement and the presence of people in a circular area. It is ideally used in open space, meeting rooms, halls, and, in general, all large rooms. The device has three separate channels for the control of lighting and one channel for HVAC device control.

Movement and presence detection are operated by three PIR sensors (passive infra-red); one further sensor measures room luminosity. The device can work in semi-automatic or automatic mode. Constant luminosity regulation is performed by an ETS-configurable value or properly configured KNX pushbuttons. The device integrates a KNX bus communication module, is suitable for ceiling mounting and is powered by a SELV voltage by means of the KNX bus.

Technical data
• SELV voltage from KNX bus
• Power absorption 0,4 W


Technical features

• 360° Detection range (circular)
• 3 passive infra-red (PIR) sensors
• Adjustable sensitivity (10 levels)
• Measurement of natural and artificial light
• Master or slave configuration
• Connection to bus line with KNX terminal block
• Frontal programming pushbutton and LED
• Round or square frame
• Ceiling mounting installation
• Plastic support for mounting in round or square box (holes 60 mm apart)
• IP20 protection degree (installed)
• Weight 30 g

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Sensor FF PRESENCE SENSOR - Ekinex® by SBS

Sensor FF PRESENCE SENSOR - Ekinex® by SBS
Sensor FF PRESENCE SENSOR - Ekinex® by SBS

Sensor FF PRESENCE SENSOR - Ekinex® by SBS
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