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PRINCESS | Corner sofa

Corner relaxing sofa

Manufacturer Egoitaliano

FRAME Hardwood combined with plywood and particle board.
PADDING Armrests, lumbar supports, backrests and headrests are made in polyurethane foam with varying density. All of the above parts are covers with a
Dacron layer.
Seat cushions: upper part: 30 kg/m3 “soft comfort”. Bottom part: 35 kg/m3 “hard comfort”. Front pad: 40 kg/m3. Dacron layer 100 gr/m2.
Armrests: Polyurethane foam 30 kg/m3 covered in dacron 350 gr/m2.
Lumbar supports: Polyurethane foam 25 kg/m3 covered in dacron 350 gr/m2.
Headrests: 25 kg/m3. Dacron layer 350 gr(m2.
Frame padding: 21 kg/m3
COVERING Leather or microfiber. Not removable. Please check covering details for care instructions.
FEET Polished stainless steel. Height 14cm. Available in chrome, titanium or brushed brass finish
NOTE Headrests and armrests are equipped with manual adjustable mechanism that allows you to find the desired comfort position.
Armrests are equipped with a special friction mechanism that allows you bring them back to the starting position by simply pushing them down.
The model can be equipped with the new Sofaudio39x, that allows you to transform your sofa in an extraordinary Hi-Tech piece, ideal for listening to your music or to charge your mobile devices.


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Corner relaxing sofa PRINCESS | Corner sofa - Egoitaliano

Corner relaxing sofa PRINCESS | Corner sofa - Egoitaliano
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