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8-fold binary output

Manufacturer Ekinex® by SBS

The ekinex® EK-FA1-TP binary output allows to command 8 groups of loads independently; to this purpose, the device has outputs fitted with potential-free relays. The device’s latching relays guarantee the upkeep of command status even in the case of bus power failures. The front levers indicate the status of each output channel and, in case of emergency, allow manual command (by means of a tool) of the loads. The device integrates a KNX bus communication module and is realized for mounting on a standard 35 mm DIN-rail. The device is supplied by the KNX bus and does not require auxiliary power supply.


Technical features

Power supply
• 30 Vdc voltage by KNX bus
• Current consumption from bus < 12 mA
• Power from bus 360 mW
• 4 latch relays
• Nominal voltage (Un): 230 Vac
• Nominal current (In): 10 A
• Switched power: 2200 W
Main characteristics
• Plastic casing
• Frontal programming pushbutton and LED
• Connection to bus line with KNX terminal block
• Connection of outputs with screw terminals
• Overvoltage class III (according to EN 60664-1)
• Classification climatic 3K5 and mechanical 3M2 (according to EN 50491-2)
• Pollution degree 2 (according to IEC 60664-1)
• Installation on 35 mm rail (according to EN 60715)
• 8 modular units (1 MU = 18 mm)
• IP20 protection degree (installed device)
• Weight 385 g

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8-fold binary output EKINEX® EK-FB1-TP - Ekinex® by SBS

8-fold binary output EKINEX® EK-FB1-TP - Ekinex® by SBS
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