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Heat meter

Manufacturer I.V.A.R.

Widening the satellite modules family, IVAR SAT DUAL is the variable-flow indirect interface unit that can perform many functions: from instant DHW preparation, to heating control and
also metering of water and heating consumption.
The double heat exchanger solution has its strength in safety, because it keeps the three circuits (primary, DHW and heating) completely separated and so any intervention on the
secondary circuits can be made without acting on the primary, shared with several services and multiple users.
The temperature control for the supply of DHW and for the flow to the heating system is modulating; as such, only the primary flow actually needed to satisfy the request is handled, improving the optimisation of pumping energy consumed and the primary thermal gradient.

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 - Zone module and collector IVAR SAT - I.V.A.R. Zone module and collector A satellite module is a thermo-hydraulic unit allowing the independent management of heat distribution and domestic hot water preparation in central heating systems. In a satellite module, the fluid coming from the boiler is sent to the heating system, or to a heat exchanger that heats the tap water supplied from the water mains to the set temperature upon demand. Besides ensuring total autonomy in managing "heat", the satellite module is the ideal solution to provide correct metering of the actual resource consumption (relative to water and thermal energy) of the user.

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Heat meter IVAR SAT DUAL - I.V.A.R.

Heat meter IVAR SAT DUAL - I.V.A.R.
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