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Powder coated steel Flower pot

Manufacturer Nola Industrier

design by
With its streamlined silhouette and striking curves, the Lamell planter set recalls some of the sweeping shapes of early Modernism. The set is comprised of three interlocking units that ca be combined to create planters of varying heights. The bottom unit provides a stable base for the middle planter, which in turn supports the wider ‘ringed’ container that sits above it. The planters are crafted from stainless steel and powder-coated with a single strip of green to add an accent of colour. The planter set is an excellent choice for any space where design play a central role.

Powder-coated steel.
Color: Green RAL VERT 2300 Sablé YW362F 
Other colours are available for an extra cost.


Scratches in the steel can be repainted with alkyd oil enamel.


D. 117 x H. 96,4 cm

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Powder coated steel Flower pot LAMELL - Nola Industrier

Powder coated steel Flower pot LAMELL - Nola Industrier
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