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CODESYS PLC with KNX interface

Manufacturer Ekinex® by SBS

The ekinex® EK-IA1-TP PLC allows to realize complex control and regulation logics for the automation of homes and buildings, integrating basic KNX functions. The device is completely programmable by using the CODESYS* development environment (V3 release); it incorporates an interface to the KNX bus and a USB port for programming.

The device is entirely supplied at SELV voltage by the KNX bus and does not require auxiliary power supply. It is delivered with a software tool to list all variables used for programming the device.


Technical features

Power supply
• 30 Vdc voltage by KNX bus
Further information
CODESYS (COntroller DEvelopment SYStem) is a trademark of 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH, Kempten (Germany). The CODESYS platform complies with standard IEC 61131-3 Programmable controllers - Part 3: Programming languages.
Main characteristics
• Plastic casing
• Connection to bus line with KNX terminal blockX
• Connection to PC with USB connector
• Classification climatic 3K5 and mechanical 3M2 (according to EN 50491-2)
• Overvoltage class III (according to EN 60664-1)
• Pollution degree 2 (according to IEC 60664-1)
• 35 mm rail mounting (according to EN 60715)
• 4 modular units (1 MU = 18 mm)
• IP20 protection degree (installed device)
• Weight 130 g

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CODESYS PLC with KNX interface EKINEX® EK-IA1-TP - Ekinex® by SBS

CODESYS PLC with KNX interface EKINEX® EK-IA1-TP - Ekinex® by SBS
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