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BT-3000 N

Tile adhesive

Manufacturer Butech

Bt-3000 n is a type D2 TE dispersion adhesive, as per EN 12004, for laying all kinds of ceramic tiles on indoor walls. This adhesive is served ready-to-use and does not need any water or additives. Specially recommended for installation on plasterboard substrates, even in highly damp environments or wall tiles into direct contact with water.
A flexible ready-to-use adhesive paste. Suitable for laying all types of indoor ceramic tiles. Specially recommended in damp areas.
• Ready-to-use dispersion adhesive.
• Excellent adherence. Flexible.
• Resistant to dampness.
• Fine texture adhesive, with excellent mixing and application features.
• High initial adherence and no sagging.
• Extended working times. Open time higher than 30 min.
• Application thickness up to 4 mm.
• 20 x 20 cm tile 3 kg / m2
• 20 x 30 cm tile 3 kg / m2
• 30 x 60 cm tile 4 kg / m2
EN 12004 D2 TE
Certifié CSTB Certified 84 AD 281: D2E
Recommended uses:
• Wall tile on dry partition wall: plasterboard.
• Wall tile on plaster.
• Indoor ceramic tile coverings.
• Indoor wall tiles in permanently damp environments.
• Indoor decoration with ceramics: bath or kitchen countertops.
• Never use for floor tiles.
• Medium and small format ceramic tiles or slabs.
• Small format porcelain tiles (water absorption < 0.5% as per EN-ISO 10545-3).
• Glass mosaic.
• Isolating panels:
   - EPS panels.
   - PS panels.
   - Mineral wool panels.
• Cement screed.
• Plasterboards and plaster or anhydrite walls.
• Plasterboards.
• Plywood boards.
• Existing wall tiles.
Tile adhesive BT-3000 N - Butech

Tile adhesive BT-3000 N - Butech
Tile adhesive BT-3000 N - Butech

Tile adhesive BT-3000 N - Butech
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