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Built-in air treatment unit

Manufacturer RDZ

UAP 200-PDC is a primary air unit, which supplies fresh air into the rooms, while recovering the exhaust heat. It also ensure dehumidification in summer and offers additional sensible heating and cooling while operating as a heat pump.

Its main features:
- Residential application (ca . 120 m2)
- Operations: summer dehumidification, fresh air ventilation with high-efficiency heat recovery, integration of sensible heating and cooling (on demand)
- Flexible installation: fewer ducts, compact size
- Flow rate for the fresh air ventilation, from 100 to 200 m³/h
- Integration of sensible cooling (up to 770 W)
- Horizontal installation in false ceiling
Built-in air treatment unit UAP 200-PDC - RDZ

Built-in air treatment unit UAP 200-PDC - RDZ
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