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Heat regulation and hygrometric control

Manufacturer RDZ

The correct operation of surface heating and cooling implies the choice of the right temperature control system that shall guarantee top performance of the system and shall be easily installed even where the available space is limited.
Nowadays, in residential buildings, it is often difficult to find the position for the necessary distribution and regulation units. For this reason, in order to reduce the overall dimensions and facilitate the installation of the boiler room, RDZ broadens its range of solutions with new products, called Thermoregulation Kit mod. Smart, ensuring high comfort, maximum efficiency and energy saving.
They are suitable for small-sized residential applications, and they consist in a complete series of substations that contain a highly innovative mixing/pump unit, and distribution manifolds from the Control series in brass or the Top Composit ones in thermoplastic material.
The exceptional ease of installation and the ability to purchase the product in stages according to the progress of the building site, make the Kit Smart a unique, extremely compact, modular and reliable solution.
Three models are available, based on the type of regulation: Kit Smart PF kit with set-point regulation, Kit Smart Easy-Clima with room climate control, Kit Smart VJ 0-10 with external regulation.
Heat regulation and hygrometric control KIT SMART EASY-CLIMA - RDZ

Heat regulation and hygrometric control KIT SMART EASY-CLIMA - RDZ
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