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Heating unit and burner

Manufacturer RIELLO

The word “hybrid” is quickly spreading thanks to the technological development and the promotional activities in the automotive industry.
Not only for reasons related to the reduction of pollutant emissions, the combination between internal combustion and electric engines are there for all to see.
Considering the ambient comfort, the issues are not different and using only fossil fuels produces non-negligible concentrations of contaminants.
In this context, devices that combine traditional fuel with heat pumps, are “hybrid” and take part effectively to the reduction of emissions.
If the “hybrid” combines with renewable energies, emissions and consumptions decrease further.
The Riello Multienergy system is specifically designed to enhance the symbiosis between different energies following the logic of storage both for domestic and technical hot water.
Storage, obviously, pays in terms of sizes but results wins in case energy sources that are non-continuous, low power and of fluctuating convenience.

RSM concentrates and maximizes the use of:
- Traditional fuel: condensing low emissions light oil boiler (or premix as alternative) with 15 kW output
- Heat pump: inverter reversible device with 6 kW output and high values of COP and EER
- Solar thermal: newly designed panels with total 5m2 surface

But RSM is arranged to be connected to other energy system as:
- Biomass (wood logs or pellet)
- Photovoltaic

RSM promises high comfort levels in:
- Domestic hot water with 150 l tank equipped with pre-heater, motorized mixing valve and automatic anti-legionella system
- Heating, through the control of flow temperature in climatic logic (high and low temperature)
- Cooling, thanks to very silent units with low aesthetic impact

 RSM Multienergy System is, as always, a big friend of environment and wallet.
Heating unit and burner RSM - RIELLO

Heating unit and burner RSM - RIELLO
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