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Flooring grout

Manufacturer Butech

Epotech Collection
Epotech nature is a new micro grain porcelain grout for the sealing of joints in ceramic tiles with designs inspired by nature. It has been specially developed for porcelain tiles that reproduce the appearance and texture of wood, such as PORCELANOSA Group’s par-ker. Professional use. This material is suitable for grouting tile joints up to 5 mm.in floorings and wall coverings, both indoors and outdoors. Excellent resistance to chemicals. Suitable for pools and permanently damp environments. Suitable as high adherence grouting material for ceramic tiles with any absorption level and format, for glass mosaic, or natural stone.
• Two-component colored epoxy putty.
• Easy to apply and clean. This product is free of organic solvents and plasticizers.
• Excellent joint color stability.
• Resistance to most chemicals and alkali, even in high concentrations.
• Waterproof joint, no water absorption.
• Excellent adherence and mechanical resistance. Hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic.
• Tile joints up to 5 mm.
• Wide range of colors inspired by natural woods.
Recommended use:
• Floorings and wall coverings in natural wood-inspired ceramics.
• Tile joints with uniform color and shade, resistant to the passing of time.
• Floorings with built-in heating.
• Pools and damp environments.
• High traffic floor tiles
• Outdoor floorings protected against the presence of rising moisture
• Floorings and wall coverings in direct contact with chemicals. See technical sheet.
• Absorbent and non-absorbent ceramic tiles, including porcelain tiles, such as the following from PORCELANOSA Group:
• Glass mosaic.
• Natural stone and marble not prone to staining.
• All usual substrates for laying ceramic tiles.


1,5 kg
Europallet 378 kg

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Flooring grout EPOTECH NATURE - Butech

Flooring grout EPOTECH NATURE - Butech
Flooring grout EPOTECH NATURE - Butech

Flooring grout EPOTECH NATURE - Butech
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