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Flooring grout

Manufacturer Butech

Epotech Collection
Epotech crystal is an epoxy putty for grouting tile joints. Two-component putty with a translucent finish. It reflects the color of the tile or mosaic surrounding the joint. It features all the properties of epoxy putties: watertightness, high resistance to chemicals and mechanical properties. Specially recommended for application on mosaics and ceramic tiles with relief. Extra fine, micro grain porcelain grout.
This material is suitable for grouting joints up to 5 mm in floor and wall tiles indoors. Excellent resistance to chemicals in high concentrations. Suitable for permanently damp environments.
• Extra fine, micro grain porcelain grout.
• Easy to apply and clean epoxy putty.
• Translucent appearance.
• High resistance to most acids and alkali, even in high concentrations.
• Waterproof joint, no water absorption.
• Excellent adherence and mechanical resistance.
• Prevents the development of fungi and bacteria.
• Tile joints up to 5 mm.
Recommended uses:
• Wall and floor tiles with minimum joint.
• Indoor floor and wall tiles.
• Mosaic or natural stone wall coverings.
• Wall tiles and mosaics with glass elements.
• Par-ker floor coverings.
• Technical, porcelain floor coverings.
• Absorbent and non-absorbent ceramic tiles, including porcelain tiles.
• Glass mosaic.
• Wall tiles and mosaics with glass elements.
• Natural stone and marble not prone to staining.
Before applying epotech crystal on any ceramic floor not included in the list above, carry out a prior test or check with the Technical Department at butech.
• All usual substrates for ceramic tiles laying.
EN 13888 RG


3 kg
295 kg
Flooring grout EPOTECH CRYSTAL - Butech

Flooring grout EPOTECH CRYSTAL - Butech
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