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Silicone seal

Manufacturer Butech

S-107 is an acetic silicone putty for sealing joints. Specially recommended for sealing joints in bathrooms and for sealing perimeter joints in wall tile coverings. Indoor use.
Is a silicon rubber technical elastic joint sealant with acetic crosslinking. It polimerizes in contact with dampness becoming an elastomer highly elastic and resistant to atmospheric agents.
• Single-component acetic silicone.
• High elasticity.
• Good adherence.
• Resistant to UV rays.
Recommended uses:
• Sealing joints in ceramics, glass, plastics and painted surfaces.
• Sealing perimeter joints in wall tile coverings.
• Gluing ceramic materials on wood boards.
• Ceramic tiles and glass mosaic.
• Glass.
• Plastic material.
• Do not use with materials which are sensible to the action of acids, like marble or other natural stones.
• Do not use on substrates which are sensible to the action of acids:
- Screeds and floors with cement mortar.
- Concrete.


300 ml

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Silicone seal S-107 - Butech

Silicone seal S-107 - Butech
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