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S-107 N

Silicone sealant

Manufacturer Butech

S-107 n is a neutral silicone putty for sealing joints. Specially recommended for sealing movement joints. Indoor and outdoor use.,
This putty crosslinks in contact with dampness and does not give off odors, thus becoming an elastomer highly elastic and resistant to atmospheric agents.
• Single-component neutral silicone.
• High elasticity.
• Good adherence.
• Resistant to UV rays.
• Frost-resistant.
Recommended uses:
• Sealing joints even between materials sensible to chemical attack.
• Sealing movement joints in floors and walls.
• Sealing joints in ceramics, glass, metal and plastics.
• Sealing perimeter joints in wall tile coverings.
• Gluing ceramic materials on wood boards.
• Ceramic tiles and glass mosaic.
• Glass.
• Metal.
• Plastic material, PVC.
• Concrete slabs.
• Wood.
• All usual substrates for ceramic tiles laying.


300 ml
Silicone sealant S-107 N - Butech

Silicone sealant S-107 N - Butech
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