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Acid detergent

Manufacturer Butech

Acid Net Collection
Acid net pro is an acid detergent for cleaning ceramic floor and wall tiles. Specially recommended for cleaning building debris. Indoor and outdoor use.
It is an acid solution that in contact with cement reacts and removes dirt or stains without damaging coverings or cement based joints like colorstuk. Suitable for removing saltpetre remains or dirt sensible to acid attack.
• Acid solution.
• Colorless liquid.
• pH < 0.1
• Viscosity: 5.0 - 8.0 cp at 20ºC
• Recommended action time: 10-15 min.
CAS No.: 7664-38-2
Phrases: R-34
S2 , S26 , S36/37/39 , S45
Danger symbols: C
Recommended uses:
• Building site final cleaning.
• Cleaning of remains of adhesives and cement-based grouting materials in floor and wall tiles.
• Cleaning of efflorescences and salts remains.
• Cleaning of lime remains and film.
• Cleaning of glazed substrates prior to laying new tiles.
• Ceramic glazed and non-glazed tiles GLA, ULA.
• Glass mosaic.
• Natural stones resistant to acid descalers.
• It is not recommended to use acid net in materials sensible to acid cleaners like:
- Marbles and natural limestones.
- Ceramic tiles with surface finishes sensible to acid attack, like polished or
metallic finishes.
• Do not apply directly on:
-Cement covered floors and walls .
- Concrete slabs.


2 kg, Europallet 448 kg
5 kg, Europallet 480 kg

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Acid detergent ACID NET PRO - Butech

Acid detergent ACID NET PRO - Butech
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