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PARADISE | Floor lamp

Murano glass floor lamp

Manufacturer IDL EXPORT

Paradise Collection
Thinking of a magical, ethereal, sublime place, has taken form the collection "Paradise."
Lighting shaped almost mystical, disclosed by the whiteness of white milk glasses and the splendour of the glasses in gold leaf and silver leaf. Deliberately elongated shapes, which create a sort of understanding between what is earthly and the sky, give the collection a contemporary taste but at the same time a classic style, a reinterpretation of a design worthy of environments devoted to the new luxury.
Metal frame, available in chrome or light gold finish.
Available in white Murano glass worked with ribs, or in gold leaf or silver leaf glass finish.
Aquamarine Murano glass


Murano glass floor lamp PARADISE | Floor lamp - IDL EXPORT

Murano glass floor lamp PARADISE | Floor lamp - IDL EXPORT
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