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FUSION | Toothbrush holder

Liquid soap dispenser / toothbrush holder

Manufacturer Regia

Fusion Collection
Fusion: The strength of this project lies in its design and the linearity of its basic components, such as the brass rail. It is a 25x25mm squared rail enhanced by a large curve, which ends directly in the wall. There are no studs, terminals or frills. The connection is an integral part of the rail, hidden from sight.
Simple yet decisive and strong forms distinguish the various items in the collection. The initial design of the rails is repeated in the basic items such as the toilet roll holder and the double, projecting hand towel ring, made in brass using a curved mould. A new 80-cm size for towel rails was specifically developed for latest generation bath tubs, in addition to a different type of item: a kind of large clothes hook which acts as a traditional ring, but can also be used next to the basin. The beaker, dispenser and toilet brush were all die-cast in aluminium and then chromium-plated (to ensure cleanliness and hygiene, they contain an inner liner in black plastic). The soap dish is also made from brass using special mechanical processes.

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Liquid soap dispenser / toothbrush holder FUSION | Toothbrush holder - Regia

Liquid soap dispenser / toothbrush holder FUSION | Toothbrush holder - Regia
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