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FATA-E | Steel

Structural calculation for steel

Manufacturer STACEC

FATA-E Collection
FaTA-E is the ideal tool for the structural design with a simple and intuitive approach, fully aligned to the new building code requirements.
FaTA-E is distinguished by the simplicity and versatility of the input, the accuracy and the speed of the solver based on the technique of sparse matrices, the accuracy of the verifications, the papers and the calculation report.
The program is divided into a large number of settings and customizations that make it complete and suitable for any type of design of reinforced concrete structures, steel, timber, mixed with masonry and reinforced masonry.  
FaTA-E is the optimal tool for the professional who wants to have full control of the structural analysis at every stage and can be enriched with additional functions through the interaction with the modules of StruSec (floors, balconies, piles, soil bearing capacity, etc. .), SW structure, Seismic isolators, PREM, and modules of analysis of existing structures, PGA, Cos-Fond, Cos-CA.

The software is available into 2 releases:
* Light version (500 joints ? 50 fixed wires ? 5 storys)
* Plus version (no dimensional limits)
All prices include 12 months customer care with updating, on line and by phone assistance.
Multilanguage option includes Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

It's a solution including all tools you need for a complete designing of a new steel structure with joint design.

FaTA-E Steel includes:
- Dynamic and static analysis - Buckling (elastic instability) - Linear analysis (even with traction-only elements for linear equivalent analyisis).
- Executive drawings: foundations (beams, plates, plynths, plies and micropiles), corrugated sheet floors
- Verifications: steel beams (IPE, HE, omega, box shaped, tubes, UPN, T, L, angles, C, composed and 1,2,3,4 class),
LLS, DLS, OLS, imperfection check and lateral displacement, soil bearing capacity, seismic pounding, regolarity for seismic behaviour factor.
- Analysis and designing, by 3D modeling, of bolted and welede joints fully and partially restrained (beam-beam, beam-column, column-foundation).
- Reports: customizable (user choose chapters), geotechnichs, foundations - bills of quantities of steel, concrete, wood formworks, floors, rebars and structural steel.
- Drawings: steel joints, rebars for foundations (beams, plates, plynths, plies and micropiles), corrugated sheet floors.

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Structural calculation for steel FATA-E | Steel - STACEC

Structural calculation for steel FATA-E | Steel - STACEC
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