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BATIK | Bathroom cabinet

Suspended bathroom cabinet

Manufacturer Regia

Batik Collection
BATIK has come about thanks to aesthetic and formal research and decoration achieved using cutting edge laser technology. In keeping with the latest furnishing trends, Regia has inserted decoration into the furniture and has developed original fretwork doors that allow a glimpse of a colourful background that matches the top. The top with capacious built-in tub (110 cm), is characterised by a elongated form running around the perimeter, marking out a curve that changes from concave to convex. The collection envisages a number of furnishing solutions. From built-in vetroghiaccio or tecnoglass tubs matched with Imbuia and Tineo finishes, to the built-in glass version and the glass top with countertop tub. The same tubs and tops have also been developed to complete a type of suspended top, with 14 cm high wooden structure, complete with drawers, wall units and bases. A steel element enhances the item and makes it even more practical. Indeed, this small surface, measuring around thirty centimetres, can be fitted inside the tub and used to hold soap and a glass, using the space available in the most rational way. It is made from sheet steel, cut and perforated by laser with the same pattern as the unit.

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Suspended bathroom cabinet BATIK | Bathroom cabinet - Regia

Suspended bathroom cabinet BATIK | Bathroom cabinet - Regia
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