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Linen fitted sheets

Manufacturer Society Limonta

REM Collection
Rem fitted sheets are made in an old-fashioned linen fabric but extremely soft at the touch. The froissé fabric is one of the timeless materials of the home couture collections and it’s the example of how Society Limonta is capable of using the most traditional fabrics in a more design and contemporary way.
Rem linen is a thermo-regulating fabric, ideal for all seasons. All sheets can be easily matched with any bed collection; they are easily washable and don’t require ironing. All Rem sheets are garment dyed, a colouring process that confers a natural look to the product, while highlighting the quality of the fabric. Rem fitted sheets are available in all seasonal and standard colours.
100% LINO
172.0 gr./mq.


Linen fitted sheets REM - Society Limonta

Linen fitted sheets REM - Society Limonta
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