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Glass Terrarium

Manufacturer PIKAPLANT

Pikaplant Jars are plants you never need to water. Each hand-picked specimen is hermetically sealed inside a humid biotope, and continuously recycles the water and air inside.

Jars mimic natural high-humidity biotopes. The resilience and adaptivity of plants amazes us. One of the original prototypes has been flourishing happily in its container for twelve months.

The plant: Coffea arabica is indigenous to the misty mountains of Ethiopia’s southwestern highlands. Our cultivars are bred in The Netherlands.


Ø 18 x H. 28 cm

Further details

Where can I place it?
Don’t place your Pikaplant Jar in direct sunlight, as this will rapidly increase the temperature inside the Jar and boil the plant alive. Place it somewhere where there’s little to plenty indirect light. When selecting a location, look at least 2 metres away from your window.Aside from extreme heat, extreme cold is also inadvisable. Place your Jar somewhere where the temperature is relatively constant. A reliable indicator for a good location is the amount of condensation in the Jar. You’ve found a good spot if during the day, one side of the Jar is covered with a mist and the other is clear. The plant will need about a week to acclimatize to a new location.
How long will the plant live?
Depending on the plant, the Jar’s location, the light and temperature conditions, your plant can survive up to 12 months or perhaps even more. We have test specimens that are flourishing beyond their first year. Unfortunately, it’s also possible that your plant won’t live this long.
Opening and closing
1. Wash your hands and have a clean cloth or paper towel ready.
2. Unlock the Jar by pushing down the metal lever
3. Open the hinge, by squeezing it together and sliding one by one, the pins from the two eyes.
4. Remove the glass top. Make sure to quickly soak up any water that might spill from the Jar. Otherwise the paper label might get damaged.
5. Solve the problem;
a. If the glass is foggy; wipe the inside of the Jar with a clean dry cloth. Make sure not to leave any traces.
b. If you have fungus or brown leaves; just remove them.
c. If the leaves are limp; just a little water to the soil.
d. If soil spills into the Jar; put the soil back in its pot. Clean the glass top with water and dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.
6. Put the top back on assemble the locking hinge and lever in reverse order.
Glass Terrarium JAR - PIKAPLANT

Glass Terrarium JAR - PIKAPLANT

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