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VIS | Wooden bookcase

Wooden bookcase

Manufacturer Koleksiyon

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Vis stands out as an evolved design that overthrows the usual closed-minded and close-ended, storage solutions of today.
It is possible to describe Vis as an open and structural storage system composed of horizontal and vertical planes. Even though its modules grow on a flat plane that will meet traditional approaches, it also allows for organic forms to be constructed. Vis can be used as a storage, display and moreover as a partition between neighbouring zones that accomodate different performances. The richness carries on with the selection of colours for the vertical panels, all in unison, in a mono chromatic tone or various hues. It can create another level of dynamism, after the disorderly placed, beige-white vertical beams.
The vertical panels behind each unit has a structural stance as well as providing a wall for the adjacent user. Vis cabinet also can be used in combination with Borges working terminal, to combine an organic structure, where partitions, storing elements and desks are intermingling both visually and functionally.


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Wooden bookcase VIS | Wooden bookcase - Koleksiyon

Wooden bookcase VIS | Wooden bookcase - Koleksiyon
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