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Wardrobe for kids' bedrooms custom

Manufacturer Lago

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N.O.W. Collection
The N.O.W. Wardrobe (Not Only White) is a flexible, versatile, modular system that adapts to the personality of the home owner, room size and practical necessities.It is a colourful wardrobe where traditional doors step aside for panels of various dimensions that can be customised in size and colour and can interact with the pattern of the floor and walls.It is not just a modular system, but rather a product that can be custom designed to suit anyone’s desires: the height, width and depth are all customisable, as are the interior accessories and colours.Thanks to an innovative use of colour, the absence of handles and customisable sides that can blend in with the room, the wardrobe can disappear and integrate perfectly with the rest of the home, hiding itself among the walls, or instead it can stand out in bright, decisive hues.The glass panels can even be applied on the back of the wardrobe. This way, the N.O.W. Wardrobe can also be used as a dividing wall or be set in the centre of the room.

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N.O.W. Diamond innovates the design of the classic wardrobe with a sliding door. The outer panels of the doors are tilted toward the interior, creating a diamond shape that lends elegance and refinement to the wardrobe. The perfection of the 4-millimetre-thick glass and communicative power of colour create a perfect solid without equal in traditional conceptions of containing volumes for bedrooms. 
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Fusion is a N.O.W. Wardrobe where everything melds together: colours, materials, glass and lacquer. With this wardrobe, you can unleash your imagination, creating chromatic and tactile pairings or contrasts in an infinity of compositional possibilities. 
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In the Line version of the N.O.W. Wardrobe, the gaps between the panels are coloured, becoming a graphic mark that can continue in the gaps of N.O.W. Flooring and N.O.W. Line Wallpaper.  This creates a play of lines in your living space. 
 - Lacquered wardrobe for kids' bedrooms custom N.O.W. SMART - Lago Lacquered wardrobe for kids' bedrooms custom N.O.W. Smart Wardrobe
The perfect wardrobe for children’s rooms, since it has practical, glass-free doors that can be lacquered in any of the 32 LAGO colours. The coloured panels create plays of rhythm and colour, livening up areas dedicated to the littlest ones. Customisable down to the millimetre, the N.O.W. Smart Wardrobe is available with the Lago handle in three sizes.

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Wardrobe for kids' bedrooms custom N.O.W. WEIGHTLESS WARDROBE - Lago

Wardrobe for kids' bedrooms custom N.O.W. WEIGHTLESS WARDROBE - Lago
Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016 | LAGO - Daniele Lago
LAGO | Daniele Lago | Archiproducts Design Selection - Salone del Mobile Milano 2015
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