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Pre-mixed structural concrete

Manufacturer Bernardelli Group

CLSLIGHT is a pre-dosed product in polyethylene bags containing in separate sections a mixture of silico calcareous aggregates in 3 granulometric classes, expanded glass recycled, Portland cement and super-plasticising admixtures. By adding to the above mixture the exact water amount as per indication in data sheet it is possible to obtain a LC 30/33 compressive strength and D 1,8 density in accordance with EN 206:2014 regulation. CLSLIGHT is employed for the construction of structures that, for design requirements, need a lower weight as for example:
• Recovery and structural reinforcement of old wooden floors
• Lightened Manufacts

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Pre-mixed structural concrete CLSLIGHT - Bernardelli Group

Pre-mixed structural concrete CLSLIGHT - Bernardelli Group
Bernardelli group
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