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Pre-mixed screed

Manufacturer Bernardelli Group

CTLIGHT  is a lightweight cementitious screed dosed product in polyethylene bags containing, in separate sections, a mixture of silico-calcareous aggregates expanded glass recycled, Portland cement. The product is in accordance with the European regulation EN 13813.
CTLIGHT is employed for the laying of indoor and outdoor screeds with a medium drying, bonded, unbounded and floating.
CTLIGHT  is walkable after 10 hours from application, after 48 hours it can be covered with ceramic, brick and natural stone coatings. For moisture-sensitive coatings as wood, linoleum and carpets the waiting time is 8-10 days.

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Pre-mixed screed CTLIGHT - Bernardelli Group

Pre-mixed screed CTLIGHT - Bernardelli Group
Bernardelli group
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