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COVER | Laundry container

MDF laundry container

Manufacturer Regia

Cover Collection
Wall units, containers, sinks, stools, chests and shelves, all matching. This is Cover, the new bathroom collection which Regia is proposing  with the aim of offering an infinite variety of solutions thanks to the highly modular nature of the collection. Soft lines, trend-setting colours, but above all functionality; these are the elements which Bruna Rapisarda, art director of the company, has chosen in designing the latest addition to the Regia household. It is an all-new collection which moves closer towards contemporary tastes. The furnishings are made of glossy lacquered MDF in white, cappuccino and dove hues, as well as a Canaletto walnut finish. All are made to match with the tops with built-in sinks, both of which are white. The result is a perfect colour contrast which refines and enhances the collection.  But to make sure its most loyal customers are not left feeling disappointed now that they are accustomed to choosing from collections with a wide range of colours, Regia has decided to offer the “total colour” option: the result is a large variety of colours that offer an alternative to the sober colours in fashion this year. The top and under-top are embossed in resin, tecnoglass or vetro ghiaccio®, with an integrated sink in the same colour. They are elements that give the sensation of “flowing” into one another: above all for the top and under-top which are identical in size and colour. Both follow a sinuous curve which moves its way downwards before coming to rest on the suspended container unit.
The unit with its container-drawer is available in one single depth of 50 centimetres and no less than five lengths - 80, 100, 120, 140 and 160 cm (the only option for double sinks). With COVER you can have fun matching the unit with a series of complements, choosing from one with two shelves, two stools with a metal seat and wooden structure, a chest with drawers, two wall units (h cm 75 or 150) with double doors and a built-in light (optional) and with a handy back which is fully accessorised, a laundry basket and a series of internal fittings for the drawers. But Regia also aims to focus on one of the most used bathroom accessories of all: the mirror. Here it is embellished with a lacquered wooden frame in Regia’s colours. It has rounded edges and can be smooth or fitted with an integrated magnifying glass. It can also house a hi-fi system complete with a remote control for houses where domotics are on the rise!

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MDF laundry container COVER | Laundry container - Regia

MDF laundry container COVER | Laundry container - Regia
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