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Towel rack

Manufacturer Regia

Ox Collection
Ox is the new product line from Regia which is destined to spark the creativity of architects and designers alike thanks to its strictly hi-tech style and generous use of a fine contemporary material such as stainless steel.  Ox is a collection of bathroom accessories which have been designed by Bruna Rapisarda according to minimal lines and uncompromising square forms using an innovative laser-cut technique which, starting from the basic concept of a steel plate with an L fold, has led to the creation of functional and exclusive objects, designed to complete bathrooms in strongly contemporary styles.  Everything in the Ox collection is strictly stainless steel—from the glasses and dispenser which hook easily to a wall handle, to the soapdish, realized with a laser-cut panel soldered to another one, to the consoles, which are aesthetically enriched by elegant fraising, to the towel bars, forged in steel as technological tube-like elements. Since it is the details which make the difference, the Ox product line distinguishes itself by one small but precious detail—the supports of the accessories are anchored to the wall by ample and elegant hexagonal screws which proudly feature the Regia logo. Ample and articulated like all Regia products, the collection will include dispensers, soapdishes for the sink, glasses, toothbrush holders, soapdishes for the shower, towelstands, shelves—including corner shelves for the shower—in addition to a complete line of bathroom trays, soapstands, glasses, dispensers, and mirrors.

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Towel rack OX | Towel rack - Regia

Towel rack OX | Towel rack - Regia
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