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LOFT | Sectional sofa

Sectional leather sofa

Manufacturer Arketipo

Loft Collection
As a registered model, Loft is an extremely innovative seating system, which offers a superior degree of comfort and enables the entire sofa concept to be experienced in an extremely personal manner. By means of a simple movement, the mechanism permits two different seat depths: 75 cm for a traditional use and a more upright posture (120 cm) to obtain a chaise-longue. Another mechanism permits to adjust the back from horizontal to vertical, through a number of middle positions. In this way Loft becomes more than a sofa, it turns into a real open space, a multipurpose platform for relaxation.


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Sectional leather sofa LOFT | Sectional sofa - Arketipo

Sectional leather sofa LOFT | Sectional sofa - Arketipo
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