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GLOSS | Towel rack

Vetro Ghiaccio® towel rack

Manufacturer Regia

Gloss Collection
Regia presents Vetro Ghiaccio, developed from Vetro Freddo, the silky, translucid material that Regia was the first to introduce in bathroom accessories. Vetro Ghiaccio is a mixture of polyester resins and high-performing, attractive glass pigments. It differs from Vetro Freddo because it is gloss finished with transparencies that create smooth, continuous surfaces, for a look that much more special. Vetro Ghiaccio is able to store light and move it to its contour, lighting itself and creating bewitching plays of color. The Gloss series’ round features go beautifully with the high precision look of Vetro Ghiaccio.

Regia Catalogues

Vetro Ghiaccio® towel rack GLOSS | Towel rack - Regia

Vetro Ghiaccio® towel rack GLOSS | Towel rack - Regia
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