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Cement adhesive for flooring

Manufacturer Butech

Maxifluid is a type C2 E S1 high-performance cement-based adhesive, as per EN 12004, for laying all kinds of ceramic tiles on floors. Its high wettability and fluidity ensure full coverage of the underside of tiles without having to resort to the floating and buttering method .
A high-performance fluid, flexible adhesive for laying void-free ceramic floors. Specially recommended for porcelain floor tiles, terracotta and large formats. Indoors and outdoors.
•  Cement-based, single component adhesive.
•  A fluid mortar, applicable with a notched trowel, that under the tile pressure, flows and covers the whole back of the tile.
•  Excellent adherence.
•  Flexible.
•  Extended working times. Open time higher than 30 min.
•  Application thickness up to 10 mm.
•  Frost-resistant.
•  Mixing water: 5.0 - 5.5 l per 25 kg bag
Recommended uses:
•  Indoor and outdoor porcelain tile coverings.
•  Large format porcelain floors.
•  High traffic floor tiles.
•  Floor tiles with radiant heating.
•  Laying of tiles on glazed floor tiles.
•  Never use for wall tiles.
•  Especially recommended for large format floor tiles from STON-KER, URBATEK and PAR-KER
•  Large format ceramics.
•  Porcelain tiles with a water absorption < 0.5% as per EN-ISO 10545-3.
•  Clay and terracotta.
•  Natural stone and marble not prone to staining.
EN 12004  C2 E S1
•  Cement covered floors.
•  Concrete covered floors.
•  Existing floor tiles*.
•  On anhydrite or plaster floors apply uniprim


25 kg, europallet 1000 kg/pallet
Cement adhesive for flooring MAXIFLUID - Butech

Cement adhesive for flooring MAXIFLUID - Butech
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