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Concrete Test Hammer

Manufacturer NOVATEST

Test on Concrete Collection
The COCNRETO L, used correctly and according to the procedures, represents a valuable tool for monitoring and estimating the quality of the concrete for maximum reliability of results. The hammer is designed to perform checks of concrete elements with a thickness of less than 10 centimetri.Questo was possible by reducing the internal hammer and changing the elastic constants of the springs.

Further details

The exclusive use of reliable and selected components, decades of experience in the manufacture of NDT instruments, functional, innovative design and ongoing scientific research conducted by our NDT centre in close collaboration with the best Italian universities have enabled us to develop and create this new generation of instruments.
The CONCRETO L mechanical test hammer is the result of this direct experimentation on different types of concrete. Used appropriately and following the correct procedures, this is a valuable instrument for testing and evaluating the quality of concrete, ensuring totally reliable results.
CONCRETO L concrete test hammer was designed to test concrete slabs with thickness less than 10 cm. The instrument has been built reducing test hammer N type’s internal striking mass and modifying spring’s elastic properties.
• Model: mechanical concrete test hammer "L" type
• Measurement range: 10 - 110 N/mm²
• Impact energy: 0,735 Nm
• Limitations: Sp. = < 100mm
• Reference standards: UNI EN 12504 n 2 ASTM C805
• Weight: 1,4 Kg
Equipped with the following accessories:
• Instruction manual with MpA – PsI curves
• Pencil
• Lapping wheel with case
• 30mm long measuring position template
• Phenolphthalein spray bottle
• Padded case with shoulder strap
• Calibrating and QC certificate
• Safety cap for transport

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Concrete Test Hammer CONCRETO L - NOVATEST
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