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Non-slip treatment for flooring

Manufacturer Butech

Non-slip tile Non-slip treatment for glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles reducing the risk of slip and 
fall accidents. Indoor and outdoor use.
The non-slip treatment reacts with the ceramic tiles surface, generating thousands of microscopic bowls. These evenly distributed engravings increase the contact surface and, in the presence of water, produce a suction between the covering and the foot. This effect increases the coefficient of friction and reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents.
Recommended uses:
•  Glazed and non-glazed ceramic floor tile coverings. 
•  Indoor and outdoor floor tile coverings. 
•  Built in shower trays.
•  Do not apply on fibre shower trays and bathtubs.
•  Do not apply on materials which are sensible to acid attack, like limestones or mortar substrates.


500 ml
Non-slip treatment for flooring NON-SLIP TILE - Butech

Non-slip treatment for flooring NON-SLIP TILE - Butech
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