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Cement-based waterproofing product

Manufacturer Butech

Sylastic is a two-component cement-based waterproofer with excellent bonding and deformability features, specially recommended for waterproofing outdoors. Compatible with type C2 cement-based adhesive as per EN 12004. Indoor and outdoor use.
Prevents the need of screed between waterproofing sheet and ceramic floor, thus reducing the final system thickness. It is applied in two 1-2 mm layers each, with a fiberglass mesh reinforcement on the first application. Special pieces and bands available for waterproofing joints and other critical spots.
•  Two-component waterproofing mortar.
•  Indoor and outdoor waterproofer.
•  Maximum waterproofing with minimal thickness (3 mm).
•  It allows for direct laying of ceramic tiles with cement-based adhesive.
•  Excellent adherence and maximum deformability.
•  Good chemical resistance.
•  Suitable for direct contact with water.
Recommended use:
•  Waterproofing of bathrooms and showers.
•  Spas and premises in permanently damp environments.
•  Outdoor terraces and balconies.
•  Pools and premises into direct contact with water.
•  Cisterns and reservoirs into direct contact with water.
•  Repair of cracked floors and renderings.
•  Promotes adherence on existing ceramic wall tiles and on wood or metal substrates.
•  Absorbent and non-absorbent ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles with a water absorption < 0.5% as per EN-ISO 10545-3.
•  Glass mosaic.
•  Natural stone and marble not prone to staining
•  Cement covered floors and walls .
•  Concrete slabs.
•  Plasterboards.
•  Wood boards.
•  Existing floor tiles.
•  Metal sheets.


24 kg, europallet 960 kg/pallet
8 kg, europallet 320 kg/pallet
Cement-based waterproofing product SYLASTIC - Butech

Cement-based waterproofing product SYLASTIC - Butech
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