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Drainage sheet

Manufacturer Butech

Super-drain is an 8 mm thick drainage sheet for waterproofing systems in outdoor terraces and balconies. It eases water evacuation and reduces the risk of damp appearance. Suitable for floors as well as for walls.
Polyethylene sheet with a tridimensional structure. It features 20 mm diameter circular nerves and it is covered by a filtering fabric. Installed on the waterproofing system, it drains the water towards the drain and protects mechanically.
•  Polyethylene sheet with tridimensional structure with 20 mm circles.
•  Maximum drainage with a 5 mm thickness.
•  Good chemical resistance.
•  Quick and easy application.
Recommended use:
•  Outdoor floors drainage. Terraces and balconies.
•  Protection of ceramic floors against efflorescences.
•  Reduction of the risk of substrate cracking.
•  Protection of walls against damp.
•  super-drainsheet is directly installed on the waterproofing system with the filtering side facing up.
•  In the case of surfaces bigger than 100 cm, overlap two super-drainsheets fitting at least three gap lines.
•  Once the super-drainsheet laid, cover with a mortar at least 4 cm thick and leave the surface ready for laying tiles with the thin-bed method.
•  Absorbent and non-absorbent ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles with a water absorption < 0.5% as per EN-ISO 10545-3.
•  Glass mosaic.
•  Natural stone and marble not prone to staining
•  Waterproofing sheets and paints.
•  Slopes are needed on the waterproofing substrate.


15 mq, europallet 135 mq/pallet
Drainage sheet SUPER DRAIN - Butech

Drainage sheet SUPER DRAIN - Butech
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