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Flat jacks

Instrumentation for investigation of masonry

Manufacturer NOVATEST

Test on Masonry Collection
The use of survey methodology flat jacks are linked to the need to assess the quality of masonry structures and to determine the mechanical properties of the same.
The major difficulties encountered in the taking of representative samples from the walls has contributed to the development of innovative methodologies and tools and more reliable.
The cylinders, made in our laboratories, provide a 'unique reliability, thanks to a new method of production.
The use of components with flat jacks allows standard requirements to be applied to all types of pressurization units and make them unique and universal.
Products in different shapes and sizes depending on their specific use, these jacks can also be produced to customer specifications if the test conditions so require.
The flat jacks are supplied with fittings Novatest Hermes and calibration certificate.
The certification process is given to laboratory tests 1086/71.

Further details

Testing methods with flat jacks are used to evaluate the quality of masonry structures and to define their mechanical properties.
The substantial difficulties involved in taking representative and intact samples from masonry has led to the development of innovative and increasingly reliable methods and instruments. This pressurizing unit is built with the finest components.
The flat jacks, designed and manufactured by NOVATEST – NDT laboratories, offer excellent reliability as a result of an innovative production process.
Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, these flat jacks can be also personalized according to customer’s specific requirements for special test conditions.
Flat jack’ standard components can be applied in any pressurization unit, making them both unique and universal.
Rectangular flat jacks
- 120x120 mm thickness 4 mm
- 240x120 mm thickness 4 mm
- 400x200 mm thickness 4 mm
Semicircular flat jacks
- 300x120 mm thickness 4 mm
- 300x150 mm thickness 4 mm
- 350x260 mm thickness 4 mm
- 320x125 mm thickness 4 mm

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Instrumentation for investigation of masonry Flat jacks - NOVATEST

Instrumentation for investigation of masonry Flat jacks - NOVATEST
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