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Instrumentation for digital photogrammetry

Manufacturer Trimble

The Trimble ZX5 is another accurate, reliable tool in Trimble’s family of UAS solutions. Fast to setup and easy to operate, the Trimble ZX5 allows you to quickly collect data in the field so you can generate the dynamic deliverables required for today’s jobs. It requires no launcher, is easy to deploy and includes everything you need to capture high quality georeferenced photos for applications such as aerial mapping and inspections.

- Vertical takeoff and landing capability allows users to work in tight places and obstructed environments where fixed wing solutions are less suitable.
- The system can be equipped to capture live video imagery for inspection applications such as civil infrastructure, utilities, and oil and gas pipelines.
- Simple field-to-office workflows ensure reliable results
- Easily integrate with other Trimble technology

Image Processing
Import your data into Trimble Business Center Photogrammetry Module office software to create detailed orthophotos, digital elevation models, point clouds, volume calculation, 3D models and more without requiring specialized photogrammetry knowledge or experience. Or utilize the state-of-the-art Trimble Inpho UASMaster module for advanced photogrammetric processing. 
Instrumentation for digital photogrammetry TRIMBLE® ZX5 MULTIROTORE - Trimble

Instrumentation for digital photogrammetry TRIMBLE® ZX5 MULTIROTORE - Trimble
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