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BUDAPEST II | Table lamp

Brass table lamp

Manufacturer Patinas Lighting

Budapest Collection
Sleek, classical, grand  table  lamp.  Though it is too sleek to be baroque, fitted with a pleated silk shade it fits gorgeously with  other Budapest lamps. The lamp was inspired by the original from  the end of 1800s.  Either with antique finish or gold,  the table lamp  is a highly  elegant deco of a livingroom, study or even a cigar room.  Should you like it even more extravagant,  ask for  nickel finish.  The lamp can be fitted with carved or sleek glasses which make them perfect even for  an Art Deco inspired interior. It  is 100 % Hungarian product.
We produce it from pure brass in shiny, antique and nickel finishes. Its sockets are porcelain ones, so they can be fitted with traditional, energy saving and LED bulbs. 
Take some  time to have a really close look at the lamp: it is, just like every lamp of ours, crafted with great care, just like a piece of jewellery.  Our well-known trademark is proportionality, which took years to design and refine.
In order to manufacture the lamp 14 to 16 work stages are required, depending on the finish. Handicraft technology is time consuming (some work stages take hours), it requires wide knowledge and expertise.

Capacity: 1 X 60 W E27


Height: 48 cm
Width: 30 cm
Weight: 2.2 kg

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Brass table lamp BUDAPEST II | Table lamp - Patinas Lighting

Brass table lamp BUDAPEST II | Table lamp - Patinas Lighting
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