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Vapour barrier

Manufacturer pro clima®

Intello Line
High-per­form­ance re­in­forced in­tel­li­gent va­pour check, suit­able for all fibrous in­su­la­tion.


Max­im­um pro­tec­tion for the in­su­la­tion
Ideal pre­ven­tion against struc­tur­al dam­age and mould, even in the event of un­ex­pec­ted mois­ture in­tru­sion 
Ex­tremely high mois­ture-vari­able dif­fu­sion res­ist­ance in any cli­mate span­ning a very wide range of more than 100 x:
sd-value: 0.25 m up to >25 m
g-value: 1.25 MNs/g up to > 125 MNs/g 
wa­ter va­por per­meance: 13.12 US perms down to <0.13 US perms
High pro­tec­tion from con­dens­a­tion in winter cli­mate
High back-dif­fu­sion ca­pa­city in sum­mer
Very low coef­fi­cient of ex­pan­sion when com­bined with spray in­su­la­tion ma­ter­i­als
Low­est VOC rat­ing in haz­ard­ous sub­stance test
Vapour barrier INTELLO PLUS - pro clima®

Vapour barrier INTELLO PLUS - pro clima®
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