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Aluminium outdoor shower


Unica is a new idea, an unprecedented concept of shower enclosure. a “theatrical prop” designed for outdoor spaces – both public and private - in which the design strikes a balance between a variety of needs:
offering protection against the wind, and protecting the intimacy of people without invasive man-made structures compared to the countryside, this result is guaranteed by the particular structure of the frame of the panels which, joined to one another, allow the creation of an infinite number of composition possibilities.

Unica has a self-supporting aluminium structure, available in various finishes. It incorporates a glass surface with a variety of decorations. It is equipped with an
AISI 316 stainless steel shower rail with a dual water connection system.
The first connection is for a traditional plumbing system.
The second connection - faster and more flexible - is a typical garden hose connection.


120 x 90 cm
H 160 – 200 cm



Aluminium outdoor shower UNICA - VISMARAVETRO

Aluminium outdoor shower UNICA - VISMARAVETRO
VISMARA VETRO | Elia Vismara - iSaloni 2014
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