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Square Garden umbrella

Manufacturer TUUCI

design by
Ocean Master Collection
Inspired by the graceful ocean flight of the manta ray, the Ocean Master Manta's gentle, sweeping lines evoke an image of effortless grace, strength and beauty. The Manta sets a new benchmark for elegant umbrella utility.

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 - Garden umbrella OCEAN MASTER CLASSIC - TUUCI Garden umbrella The Ocean Master market style umbrella is the culmination of durable engineering, stylish profiles and functional shade design. Manufactured to marine specifications, all Ocean Master umbrellas feature 100% replaceable parts for easy service and a 15/5-year warranty. Classic beauty. Classic TUUCI.
 - Garden umbrella OCEAN MASTER ZERO HORIZON - TUUCI Garden umbrella The Zero Horizon is a minimalist approach to shade equipment design. It maximizes overhead umbrella utility with a “zero” vertical canopy profile and provides a minimal fixture impact in any enclave of natural beauty.
 - Round Garden umbrella OCEAN MASTER CRESCENT - TUUCI Round Garden umbrella Influenced from centuries past and present, the sweeping curves of the Crescent umbrella are the finishing touch every outdoor room deserves. Brilliantly polished “trillion” rib ends adorn the canopy edges and hand-wrought struts cascade to create a simple yet strikingly beautiful canopy.
 - Round Garden umbrella OCEAN MASTER RAZOR - TUUCI Round Garden umbrella The Razor’s striking asymmetrical construction features a razor-like, self-tilting canopy profile.  It’s now possible to enjoy all-day shade under your TUUCI umbrella no matter what.  Good-bye sun, hello Razor.
 - Round Garden umbrella OCEAN MASTER PAGODA - TUUCI Round Garden umbrella Old-world design and state-of-the-art components coexist in this beautifully functional umbrella.  The patent-pending, gas-piston, self-tensioning system ensures the canopy’s skin-tight fit over its revolutionary struts.

TUUCI Catalogues

Square Garden umbrella OCEAN MASTER MANTA - TUUCI

Square Garden umbrella OCEAN MASTER MANTA - TUUCI
Square Garden umbrella OCEAN MASTER MANTA - TUUCI

Square Garden umbrella OCEAN MASTER MANTA - TUUCI
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