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CHELSEA | Fabric sofa

3 seater fabric sofa

Manufacturer MOLTENI & C.

Chelsea Collection
Chelsea is a series of chairs in varied styles, particularly well-suited to dining rooms where the pleasure of good food is accompanied by the pleasure of cultured, cosmopolitan conversation. With a frame of simple design but elegant proportions, it comes in three backrest options: two with arms, one without. Completing the proposition is a classic bergère chair with renovated styling and improved comfort, seemingly straight from a typical London club in Chelsea, the location that the series draws inspiration from. Fabrics and leathers from the Molteni&C collection add particular value to the project, perceived as unique and timeless. 

The Chelsea collection, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni in 2014, is enriched with three new items: a sofa and an armchair, both featuring snug backrests, and a bench. All three items are designed to create a cosy corner in a large living room, a special space in which to chat and relax. The solid wood frame and clean-cut geometric lines are complemented by the fluid line of the backrests, ensuring a comfortable and refined seat. Each individual component of the Chelsea collection expresses the value of the traditional expertise that has gone into crafting top-quality raw materials, from the wood to the textiles and leather, with a passionate attention to detail, which gives these extremely versatile items a particular charm.


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3 seater fabric sofa CHELSEA | Fabric sofa - MOLTENI & C.

3 seater fabric sofa CHELSEA | Fabric sofa - MOLTENI & C.
3 seater fabric sofa CHELSEA | Fabric sofa - MOLTENI & C.

3 seater fabric sofa CHELSEA | Fabric sofa - MOLTENI & C.
MOLTENI | Rodolfo Dordoni - Fuorisalone 2014
MOLTENI | Dante Bonuccelli - iSaloni 2014

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