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NIKY | Sideboard

Wooden sideboard with doors

Manufacturer i 4 Mariani

Niky Collection
Niky: a sofa, a system.
The detail becomes the soul of the project for a unit that becomes modular system thanks to the modularity extended.
A sofa is not just an object but a philosophy of furniture and an aesthetic concept for a new elegance, not too rich in sartorial details and materials. The “ fold “ is the the most significant sartorial detail that marks the junctions of the armrests and backrest boards.
A structural foot becomes an architectural element to define the proportions and calculate the perimeters. Niky is a system of thought that amplifies the concept of seat design scale. Sofas and sectional available in different dimensions and configurations covered in fabric or leather; base available covered in fabric or leather or also in massive black walnut wood. Feet black varnished matt with terminal support in golden galvanic finishing.
Low tables in massive black walnut wood with top available in Bardiglio marble, leather or grey smoked glass.
Low table completely in Bardiglio marble.
Cabinet with frame in wood like eucalyptus; doors and drawers available in wood like eucalyptus, in leather or varnished in golden colour.

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Wooden sideboard with doors NIKY | Sideboard - i 4 Mariani

Wooden sideboard with doors NIKY | Sideboard - i 4 Mariani
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