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4.3" touchscreen terminal

Manufacturer CAME

The 4.3” touchscreen terminals in the home automation are connected directly to the home automation bus and, via a special menu, enable simple, intuitive control over the following features:
• Light control with ON/OFF command and dimming (up to 40)
• Generic output command (up to 40 relays)
• Control of motorised openings (up to 40)
• Temperature control (up to 8 thermal zones)
• Management of basic scenarios (multiple ON/OFF commands towards the controlled devices. Up to 40).
• Load control
• Display of energy consumption log
• Timed commands (up to 20 timers)
If the ETI/DOMO system server is present in the system, they also make the following possible:
• Activating security scenarios
• Activating all the scenarios envisaged in the system server itself.
In addition to managing the automation modules, they stand out due to their energy-saving features. They enable you to control 8 thermal zones, manage 8 electrical loads and display the relative consumption in combination with the OH/GEN energy management module. They are the ideal solution for simple installations where you do not wish to sacrifice performance in an efficient home automation system. In large systems controlled by the ETI/DOMO server, they can be used as room controllers.

TS4.3 - 4.3" touchscreen terminal.
This allows a series of home automation functions to be controlled for a basic system, through a suitable command menu. Direct connection to the home automation bus for managing the modules. 4.3” 16/9 display. Wall-mounted. White or Black.


166x112x25,6 mm

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4.3" touchscreen terminal TS4.3 - CAME

4.3" touchscreen terminal TS4.3 - CAME
Came Domotic 3.0 (en)
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